Friday, February 8, 2008


Written by Randi-Sue Deckard a very talented artist who is passionate about her work :
I'm a fused glass & silversmith who creates adornments that we "mortal goddesses" may wear (aka jewelry) or "add a little bling" to our home/office (from dichroic glass letter openers, wine bottle stoppers,paperweights, to small decorative dishes, etc..).I've always been crafty but never considered myself an artist just someone who experimented in different mediums. I started beading & bead weaving about 3 years ago but quickly moved into metal smithing within the first year. I get giddy every time I pull out a new sheet of silver ...the fabrication possibilities are endless!!! I love the medium glass and initially started out in lamp working but really got hooked on fusing glass about a year ago. Glass is such a flexible medium and I still have a list of different techniques s I would like to try!
My adornments are my voice to the outside world. Glass and metal allow me to share what I feel, hear, see and experience on daily basis through the use of color, texture and design. I love the fact that the pieces I create evoke an emotion or verbal response and I'm amazed how it is never quite the same for each person. Nor should it be. We all have a little bit different view of the world, right?
I know what I want to be when I grow up and everyday I try to learn or experiment with a new technique to push myself and my art into the uncomfortable zone....that is when majestic things happen! " You may see more of Randi's work by clicking on the link in the title of this article or by visiting one of the following links . (main e-commerce site)

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