Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Dana Spring Parish lives on a South Texas ranch , the Rockin' P Ranch , with her husband Tom , two boys and a menagerie of animals . Her love of the country life and the Longhorns , goats , horses , ponies , sheep , etc. is reflected in her work . Besides being a painter and rancher , Dana tells me she and her husband are both photographers . In her Etsy profile she states ,'' Every day is a new opportunity to capture the antics of our adorable menagerie. When a Longhorn manages to open a gate and peer through the bedroom window or a goat happens to jump into the truck and ride with me into town that just adds to the storybook atmosphere of my life. If it sounds gross to you, then you would not be happy living here at the Rockin'P Ranch. For me....it does not get any better than this and I hope you can see the bliss that is portrayed in my art. '' You can certainly see all that in her work ! To see more of Danas' art go to her Etsy shop , http://leicalady.etsy.com/ and her other two sites , http://leicalady.wordpress.com/ or http://danaspringparishartist.wordpress.com/ .

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dave Koen

Meet Dave Koen , a fellow Etsy Texas Crafter and a very talented photographer .               Q: How long have you been into photography?

A: I have been photographing since since I was about 8 or 9 but when I really got into it was when my family got our first digital camera. It was the first time that I could shoot freely on a limited budget. The short answer is about five years.

Q: Do you have professional training or, are you self taught ?

A: Aside from a single high school photography class I am self taught. I've picked up a lot from mixing and matching styles of the photographs that I really admire.

Q: What are your favorite things to photograph?

A: Somehow I find myself photographing suburban and urban landscapes the most. Some would say it is a product of my surroundings but I claim that growing up the son of an architect has really influenced my photography.

Q: Is there anything else about yourself or your craft that you would like to tell?

A: Aside from my Etsy store I also have a Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/davekoen) account where you can view my latest photographs. If you see an image that you would like to purchase don't hesitate to contact me. If you would like to visit Dave's Etsy shop , just click on the link in the title of this article .


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Under The Texas Sun

From the profile of Under The Texas Sun , one of my fellow members of Etsy Texas Crafters ;                                                                         Howdy Ya'll

I have always done some kind of craft. I come from a “crafty” family. I can’t remember a time when my Grandmother didn’t have some kind of yarn work in her hands…in fact my kids nicknamed her the “grandma who sews”. My mother always did crafts. As an adult when I would go to visit her, we would spend the first couple of hours showing each other the projects we were working on and our ideas for others. Before she died in 1991 we talked of having some kind of craft shop. I hope to be able to make our “dreams” come true.

I have dabbled in most types of crafts over the years, worked in a craft store and a fabric store. I started working in leather the later part of 2008. I own an Arabian horse and anyone who has one of the petite breeds know how frustrating it is to find tack that will fit them properly. Horse size equipment is too big and pony size is too small. After practicing on scrap leather, I made a breast collar with tooled red roses across the front and a bridle with red and white rhinestones. And all of it fit her perfectly. I enjoyed it so much that I started making gifts for my family. My daughter’s boyfriend has always said I should try to sell it. I started on Etsy after getting laid off. I learned of Etsy from my jewelry/metalsmith teacher, my last class for my accounting degree. I have enjoyed it so much that I am taking more classes and hope to sell jewelry too…my husband just bought me a welding set!! *****What beautiful work she does , hope you will check her shop out on Etsy ! Just click on the link in the title or go to http://UnderThe TexasSun.etsy.com

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Candara Design

Meet Georgia Fowler , her shop is called 'Candara Design'. She is a very unique artist . The two photos here are by Georgia . I ask her how she got the name of her shop and to tell us about herself ;''Candara comes from a mixture of my daughters names - Candace and Lara. They have always been my inspiration and always will be.

I love photography. I have been lucky enough to visit some beautiful places in the world and this medium enables me to share it with everyone else. Some of my favorite subjects are the bright colours of nature, historic old buildings and my most loved place of all, the beach. Whether it is the white hot sands of Florida or the windblown shores of Wales, I love to photograph the beach. There is something so calming about the pounding of the waves, the rolling surf and the changing skies above it. I also love to collect sea glass in between taking pictures and have built up a lovely collection!
I have been a photographer for as long as I can remember. Annoying family on vacation with my shutter clicks from when I was a child! I started to take it seriously a few years ago when I traveled around the world and saw so many gorgeous scenes I wanted to share. It has just evolved from there really.

I am fortunate enough to live in the fantastic old city of Chester in England. The city dates from Roman times so there is plenty of history to see around me. I am also not far from the awesome countryside of Wales with it's rivers and mountains.

We have always been a home schooling family and now that my girls are 15 and 17 I have more time to devote to my two etsy shops. I try to look for new photographic subjects at least once a week and then gradually upload them to etsy or process them for my walls. I also sell in a shop in Chester in a very cool part of town, called Rufus Court. I have my photography on the walls for sale and also my vintage style clothing in the shop. Life is extremely busy at the moment! '' To see more of Georgias work just click on the link in the title of this article .

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mookie Jones

The following is a very unique shop on Etsy , written by the artist : Mookiejones is my shop name on etsy. I am mookiejonesart on twitter. My real name is Cookie. I live in a suburb or Los Angeles with my husband and 4 dogs, one of whom is 18 years old. I have been creating art ever since I first drew pictures of girls in a library book when I was 5. luckily the drawings were in pencil and I was not punished but I was directed to drawing on paper and I was supplied with pads, pencils, watercolors, and brushes. I paint on any surface that is paintable. I have done hand-painted furniture, faux finishing, trompe l'oeil, wall murals, etc. on etsy I have listed some paintings on canvas, paper, and recycled wood, some painted on prints, reproductions, and of course, unique hand-painted pots and other home decor pieces. I love splitting my time between fine art and functional art pieces. I have had a few pet portrait commissions since I have posted my work on the net.My typical technique for painting is to layer many colors and color washes, sometimes sanding through to reveal a previous color in parts. I often incorporate my trompe l'oeil (fool the eye) techniques in my fine art as well as some of my pots. I am self taught and have taught classes for both children and adults.I have listed a few photographs, also. I could have used these for reference for paintings but I didn't think you could improve on nature. what I paint usually comes from my imagination. it is not often I paint from setting objects up in front of me.I have had a few pet portrait commissions since I have posted my work on the net.My inspiration comes from every other painter's work I have seen in galleries, museums, and even street fairs. I am the one you see in a museum standing as close to a painting as I can. what I think is most important in art is really seeing-- seeing the variations in lights and darks, the way things move, the way things rest. It takes patience and concentration to 'see'. It opens up your world to be able to see this way.I feel incredibly blessed to be able to share my art and to have found my passion.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Jenny Hager

I would like to introduce you to an amazing artist . Her name is Jenny Hager . I asked Jenny to tell us a little about herself . The following is what I learned . ''I recently graduated from Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia. I have a BFA in ceramics. I actually never thought I would end up doing clay. My first ceramics class was my second year in college. Within about a month, I had made my mind up about clay, so I switched my major and am sooo glad I did! The feel of clay is something that I am drawn to. The ability to morph the clay into whatever I want it to be is just amazing to me! I make most of my work on the pottery wheel, and occasionally handbuild wall pieces or functional pieces. Currently, I am a member of a studio on St. Simons Island, Georgia. I think the most inspiring thing to me would have to be nature. I love to take walks and get inspired by the bird flying by or the insect on a nearby tree. I have a collection of bugs that I frequently draw and paint onto my pieces. I also incorporate printmaking into my ceramic work, mainly screen printing and transfer printing. ''To learn more about Jenny visit her professional website http://www.ceramicjen.com/ or click on the link in the title of this article to visit her Etsy shop .

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Sale going on in my Etsy shop . 20% off every item priced $10 or more plus free gift with every purchase [ limited to one gift per customer] Come check it out , please . Gift certificates available . http://artbyjc.etsy.com

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hena Tayeb Photography

Check out the unique photography in this Etsy shop . I asked Hena to tell about herself : ''My name is Hena Tayeb and the shop's name is Hena Tayeb Photography.As for inspiration, it is in everything and everywhere. I like to find beauty in everything around me, find something extraordinary in even the most ordinary. That is one of the reason I like to shoot abstract and macro photographs because usually the beauty lies in the details. Things other may overlook. Hands have been another fascination of mine and most of the hand photographs were taken a few years ago, I haven't taken many lately. '' To see more of Henas' photography go to http://henatayeb.etsy.com .

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I just finished this 9x12 inch , pastel painting of an Althea flower . First pastel that I have done in a long time . I enjoyed working with the pastels .

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Finished Product

I just finished my inspirational ACEOs . They are 2.5x3.5 inches , same size as a trading card . The edges are finished with antique gold acrylic paint and a sealer has been applied . Check them out in my Etsy shop by clicking on the link in the title of this article and remember Etsy Texas Crafters First Mondays is August 3,09 .

Friday, July 31, 2009

Inspirational Crafts

I am working on a series of inspirational collaged ACEOs and a decoupaged inspirational box . Hoping to get them finished just in time to list them in my shop for Etsy Texas Crafters First Mondays Sales and Specials , which starts this coming Monday . I will be offering 15% off everything in my shop plus a free gift with every purchase , limited to one free gift per customer . So come check us out on Monday . Pictured are the cards .

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Help me give this painting a better name

I just listed this painting in my shop . I got my inspiration for it from a local veternarians barn , thus the name The Vets Barn . But if you can think of a name for it that I like better , I will send you a five dollar gift certificate , good towards any item in my etsy shop priced ten dollars or more . The painting is 11x14 inches and is painted in acrylic on acid free artboard .

Monday, July 27, 2009


These little dolls are so cute that I couldn't resist telling you about them . The name of the shop is variation . The owner wishes to keep her identity secret at the moment , but did not mind telling about her work .
''I love to work in a wide variety of mediums, hence the name of my Etsy shop! But for now, since I just started officially selling in February, I'm focusing on bead work -- dolls, and some jewelry (coming soon). I also knit, crochet, embroider, sew, do some bookbinding and letterpress, metalsmithing, collage/assemblage, digital graphics and animation.
The medium I'm working with now, beads and wire work, is something I feel I have mastered and can create a product in a relatively reasonable amount of time without too much equipment, whereas something like letterpress would need a much more elaborate set-up. I have a full time job, so I can only devote weekends and evenings to making products for my Etsy shop.
I've always been inspired by the amazing work I see from many, many artists and crafters, past and present, across all mediums. I love work that introduces me to new forms and methods of creating, and I'm inspired by excellent craftsmanship (something I aspire to). I love the community that comes with sharing your work and learning from fellow artists.'' She is certainly a very talented artist ! Check out her shop by clicking on the link in the title of this article or go to http://variation.etsy.com/

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Koala Bear Creations

I found this great shop on Etsy and asked Emily to tell me about it . This is her story :''I am a nineteen year old college student studying theatre at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. My shop, KoalaBearCreations, includes work by both me and my boyfriend, Dylan, who is a professional actor. We make jewelry and clothing that can be described as indie, hippie, bohemian, artsy and unique. Etsy is a great way for us put our creative talents to use outside of the theatre and explore some new artistic mediums.
Although they're very beautiful, I don't like to work with expensive materials like gemstones and precious metals. Instead I prefer to take everyday items such as antique keys, sea shells and old t-shirts and make them into something beautiful and wearable. Most of the materials come from thrift stores, junk shops and friends' attics and are recycled into something unique, lovely and affordable.
Our pieces make great gifts for friends or for those times that you just need to treat yourself. Most of our items are between $10 and $20 dollars though some are on sale for even less. Buying handmade, recycled products is great for you and for the environment! ''
Check out their one of a kind jewelry and clothing at http://www.koalabearcreations.etsy.com/.

Friday, July 24, 2009

More About Me

Hello ! I live in a small town in Texas . Besides being a mother and a grandmother [best job in the world] , and an artist , I work at a public school with special needs children . I had quit teaching , but went back ten years later . My husband is a farmer . I help him with the gardening and marketing during the summer . Took me two hours to pick those tomatoes this morning ! We grow tomatoes , cantaloupe , squash , cucumbers , and peppers . In our spare time , we like to go to fleamarkets , garage sales and auctions to find ''treasures'' to use or resale . Some of my treasures can be found in my Webidz store . My artwork is in my Etsy shop . Since going back to work at school , its been hard to find time for painting and treasure hunting , but I think I may be finally getting it all rolling again . Hope you will check both shops out and then back again real soon , I have more listings on the way .

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What A Day !

Today has really been one of those days ! The garden needed tending , laundry to do and I wanted to paint . Phone kept ringing for no important reason . Finally got time to paint and the goats got out and had to get them back in . Checked out my Etsy and Webidz shops . Now its about time to get the veggies from the garden ready for the farmers market tomorrow . Then maybe I can paint .

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Have you checked out Webidz , yet . It is a fast growing ebay alternative site . Listing is almost , but not quit free and there is no charge for putting three photos . I decided to start a store there for my vintage items with just a sprinkling of artwork thrown in . Its my first real effort on an auction site . So wish me luck in my new venture . This is one of my items that I listed . Just click on the title to go to my webidz store .