Thursday, December 13, 2007

Six Sisters

This is the interesting Etsy shop of a very talented artist ! This is her profile ; " I have always drawn ever since I was little . There were six of us girls and doing art got me noticed. So I did more and more. It was obvious to me that I would go to the Phila. College of Art ( now U of the Arts ) . I got in and got my BFA in Art Ed. I always loved the idea of teaching and I have done that for most of my life. Now I am concentrating on what I like to work on and it is the best time I could ever imagine. I get inspired by everyday things, fantasy, patterns, nature. Almost anything. I especially like doing portraits. I need to do more. My work is now such an essential part of my day I would be lost without it. Each piece of art work for sale in my shop is original. Nothing is exactly like the next. I do not scan or send my cards to a professional printer. They are done by me. Since every piece is painted or cut or glued by hand, you will notice the fingerprint of the artist in the work. Not an actual fingerprint, but you will be able to tell that a person did the work, not a machine. That is what I mean by fingerprint. " To visit Six Sisters , go to or click on the link in the title of this article . I am sure you will find it as interesting as I do !

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Precious Quilts

I fell in love with the beautiful quilts and crochet in this shop and I know you will to ! The following is by the artist herself . Please read this and visit her shop , Precious Quilts by clicking on the title of this article or by going to . ''I live in UK with my husband, my four 'babies' have flown the nest and we have a beautiful grand daughter now aged 17 months!About 25 years ago whilst living in the Middle East where I was busy with two small children and therefore unable to go work I became interested/fascinated with patchwork quilts. After teaching myself from a variety of sources I made large queen/king size quilts for family and friends. Initially, I was of the opinion that all quilts should be hand sewn.... well, that has now changed as it really takes too long. I still do the odd one but prefer to concentrate of baby quilts now and use my machine to put them together.My favourite fabric is Laura Ashley, particularly the vintage fabric which is hard to acquire these days but looks and feels so special. Noteably in patchwork quilts for babies or cots. I am happy to make all size quilts from large to very small. In fact I have a doll's house quilt on Etsy at the moment!In addition, whilst relaxing in the evenings watching TV, what better way to spend my time but crochet baby blankets? It is not often I do not have a crochet hook in my hand. I find it very relaxing and theraputic!Christmas is coming so I am feverishly making quilts and crochet blankets for those cute pressies or just for baby showers. All my items are unique - and all the way from England!''

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Junkyard Gypsy

This is the most unique of all the shops I have seen on Etsy , yet ! Meet Beth Hinson and read what she says about her shop and her work :
My name is Beth Hinson, from Albemarle, NC, and my shop is called the Junkyard Gypsy. This is a brand new venture for me - I've only been on etsy for about 3 weeks, and just started about 4 months ago playing around with some assemblages. I LOVE to go to estate sales, antique auctions, yard sales, thrift stores, etc. and eventually had accumulated a lot of stuff that I didn't know what to do with. Odd pieces that really aren't that useful by themselves tend to catch my eye for whatever reason - a broken doll or an old beat up pot or a beautiful piece of flatware - I like to imagine the stories these things would tell if they could talk LOL. So anywho, one thing led to another, one piece of "junk" added to the next, and eventually pieces started to literally fall together. I would look in a box and see a sifter had gotten lodged against a round bowl, and voila! it looked like a head with a hat on it. And as fate would have it, in the spring I left an administrative job that I had been in for 22 years, where I had gradually come to feel totally stifled. That freed up some time for me to do something just for me and revive some small level of creativity that I had not used for a long, long time. I feel like a kid who has been let loose in a candy store - I am literally having that much fun! My husband is also a treasure trove of ideas and help - he has a workshop with all the tools I could ever imagine, and has been teaching me how to use them - I feel like Rosie the Riveter! As I began to come up with some pieces that I kind of liked, and began to show them around to some friends and get there feedback, I realized there might just be a niche market for what I was doing, and etsy seemed like the perfect outlet! I'm proud to say that a lot of the pieces used in my assemblages are "rescued" from their probable fate of winding up in the local landfill. So far, the Junkyard Gypsy adventure has been loads of fun for me - I'm looking forward to taking it a step further, and hopefully doing some craft shows next year, so keep your eye out for the gypsy caravan!
Please visit her shop

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Autumn is on its way and soon it will be winter ! My favorite time of the year is spring . I am defintely not a cold weather person and find myself longing for the warmth of spring . In the winter everything here looks so cold and barren and I will long for the fresh , new greens of the leaves and grass , the first of the wildflowers to brighten up the world . The bluebonnets and paintbrushes are my favorites . Even before they start to bloom , I start thinking about painting scenes with fields of blue and fuchia . I miss them when they are gone and the heat of summer is upon us . But I don't morn them ,but become inspred by fields of yellow , blackeyed susans , and other flowers some of which I am not famililiar with the names , and grew up calling daisies .They look so bright along with the red of the indian blankets and the purple of what we all called horsemint [I believe it is really horehound] . They remind me of a patchwork quilt that Grandma made with yellows and reds and a little white to soften the effect . Now with Autumn aproaching , I am already painting leaves of red sienna , yellow ochre and oranges. The sunflowers are blooming and just a few leaves are beginning to turn but I have my memory , imagination and a few snapshots taken over the years to go by . I find my self anticipating the beauty that is coming . In Central Texas fall , is short lived and before we know it the cold of winter will be upon us . Even then I will be in awe of frost upon the grasses and the clean white beauty if we get a snow this winter will inspire a few snow scenes . Come January , I will once again be looking forward to spring , thinking of planting vegetables and flowers and painting beautiful pictures of wildflowers !

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bottled Up Designs

When I saw Laura Bergmans jewelry , I knew that I had to feature her shop ! She makes unque and beautiful jewelry from old , broken pieces of glass ! This is what Laura says about her work and what led her to create it : Living in the very rural Pennsylvania Amish Country, scattered throughout the woods and edges of the fields are where, many years ago, households would throw their garbage. (They didn't have trash pickup 100 years ago). Mostly, of course, this "garbage" was old broken glassware, and bottles where the contents were used up. Now, this is a treasure chest for bottle and glass collectors. I have been collecting bottles for over 20 years, and it always bothered me how we would take away the pretty whole bottles, but the broken remains would stay behind in the environment for the wildlife to have to deal with. After having one of my dogs return from a walk with a bleeding foot, I decided to start picking up these broken remains and started working with them. What emerged is Bottled Up Designs! I really did not want to put these pieces into the modern trash stream, because as a collector, I knew what they once were and I felt they are historial and beautiful.
I am now making jewelry and gifts from the antique glass and bottles reclaimed from these dumps, all in an effort to help the environment and wildlife. As an avid collector, I mount each piece on a card that details what the glass was originally, and how old it is. I feel the people enjoy the history behind them as well as how lovely this antique glass is! You may visit Laura's shop and see more of her unique jewelry by clicking on the title of this article .

Bottles Up Designs

Laura Bergman has a very unique way of crafting her jewelry and helping her inviornment at the same time . Laura talks about her craft '': Living in the very rural Pennsylvania Amish Country , scattered throughout the woods and edges of the fields are where, many years ago, households would throw their garbage . (They didn't have trash pickup 100 years ago) . Mostly , of course , this "garbage" was old broken glassware , and bottles where the contents were used up . Now, this is a treasure chest for bottle and glass collectors . I have been collecting bottles for over 20 years, and it always bothered me how we would take away the pretty whole bottles , but the broken remains would stay behind in the environment for the wildlife to have to deal with . After having one of my dogs return from a walk with a bleeding foot , I decided to start picking up these broken remains and started working with them . What emerged is Bottled Up Designs ! I really did not want to put these pieces into the modern trash stream, because as a collector , I knew what they once were and I felt they are historial and beautiful .
I am now making jewelry and gifts from the antique glass and bottles reclaimed from these dumps , all in an effort to help the environment and wildlife . As an avid collector , I mount each piece on a card that details what the glass was originally , and how old it is . I feel the people enjoy the history behind them as well as how lovely this antique glass is ! " Please take a look inside her shop and look at her beautiful and unique jewelry ! [You may see Laura's shop by clicking on the link in the title of this article . ]

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Robin Thompson TX

This is a new Etsy shop that I found . I fell in love with her picture frames . I know you will to . ----I ask Robin Thompson to tell us about herself . The following is the result :" I am a Texas girl. Born and raised here. I'm originally from Lubbock but am now in the Dallas area.
I make photo frames, Christmas ornaments, and greeting cards. Many of them use my photography, as photography is my biggest love! The greeting cards aren't on etsy yet, but they will be!
I've done photography since I was a teenager. It then turned into making my children my models which grew into being the "photo mom" at every sporting event! Four years ago, when we moved into our tiny rural town, the photography bug exploded.To get home, I drive through four ranches of longhorns, there is a pond and trees and cattle behind my house, old town feel and I have spent so much time capturing the small town in Texas feel.I first incorporated the country photos into greeting cards. After making picture frames for friends and the "want" for them grew, I decided to do it on a bigger scale. I'm hoping to use the crafty side and the photography sides together to make incredibly unique items.
I have spent the last 15 years owning a mobile DJ company and being one of the few female DJs in the DFW area. As my children get bigger and more involved in their lives, I have the desire to be home with them more, supporting them and enjoying them. I slowed down DJing people's weddings and decided to focus on the life around me! " Robin has not had a sale on Etsy , yet , but I am sure that will be remedied soon !You can visit Robin's Etsy shop by clicking on the link in the title of this article and visit her blog

Organic Stills

The following is an interview with the very talented owner of Organicstills.etsy ::
What is your name? Natalie Richards
What craft/art doyou make/create? My primary focus is photography, which I've been doing seriously for about 3-4 years now, but I've also been knitting and crocheting for about a year and absolutely love it! I like to dabble with other crafts, including jewelry making, decoupage, digital art etc. There are so many things I'd like to try! Where are you from? I grew up in England, which is where my parents still live, but moved out to California to go to college. I just love it out here and so I stayed.
How long have you been creating? I think I've been creating for almost as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I used to cut up old rags to make clothing for my dolls. I didn't really craft all that much in high school and college, but really just picked it up again in the last few years...and now I think I'm in overdrive!!
Have you had special training or are you self taught? Most of my crafts are completely self-taught. My photography started with a 35mm point and shoot camera that didn't even have a zoom lens and I learned entirely from experimenting. One of my co-workers taught me to knit and crochet because we were starting a charity group here at work. I blame her entirely for my yarn obsession. =) Everything else I just pick up along the way. I love looking up new tutorials online and getting new crafty ideas from places like
Is there anything else that you would like to share ?I love being part of the handmade "revolution" and I am so grateful for sites like Etsy for giving artists an opportunity to show their work to the world, as well as connect with other artists. If you make something that you love, there is nothing better than to be able to share that with others! If you would like to see more of Natilie's work please visit her shop , or click on the link in this articles title .

Monday, September 10, 2007

Christina Perdue

Christina Perdue, photographer and all around artist, is self-taught in fields such as photography, graphic design, image manipulation, and painting. She is inspired by the world’s beauty and strives to reflect that in everything she creates.
Christina first became interested in photography in high school; this is when her and her camera became inseparable. She has since then upgraded her equipment and enjoys photographing the beautiful sights of her home state, Tennessee. Christina specializes in infrared and black & white photography. Go take a look at her shop by clicking on the link in this article .

Saturday, September 1, 2007

New In My Shop

This is one of the new Leaf Paintings in my shop . My paintings are all original paintings and are one of a kind , meaning I will not paint the same one twice . Some are not framed , but if you wish for me to add the leaf border and frame , let me know . Framed , they make great gifts , decorative accessories and conversation peices . Etsy Texas Crafters First Monday Specials is coming up September 3 , 2007 . I will have items in my First Monday Specials section of my Etsy shop , marked down from two to five dollars off each item ! And will send a five dollar gift certificate with each sale over ten dollars !

Monday, August 27, 2007

RCN Paintings

Chris N Rohrbach is a stay at home dad with two little girls , ages one and three , Siena and Sage . He says he doesn't have much time to promote and I know from experience , having been a mother and a grandmother that has to be true . His shop is RCN PAINTINGS , which is also the monogram that he uses to sign his paintings . He says it is a play on the words '' are seeing paintings '' and is also the letters in his initials . Wonderfully unique and as are his paintings ! I ask him to talk about his work and the following is what he told me ," I have been drawing and painting for many years but recently I've been focusing on landscape and cityscape paintings and figure drawings as more of an exercise to keep my eye in shape and hand coordinated. I studied several years at a one man studio and also at The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art focusing on traditional drawing and painting information. I find inspiration in my surroundings, the relationships of proportions objects have with each other and the impact of different color combinations. My current artists statement is - Creating paintings that establish harmonious arrangements of tonal values, colors, shapes, textures, and repetitious directions based on my subject matter is my goal as an artist. I enthusiastically participate in a traditional practice of painting that emphasizes proportional relationships, informed decision- making, and a generative process that examines the relationships of parts of the composition to the whole. The ever-changing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania landscape and cityscape, where I live and work, is the basis of my current paintings. It provides vast compositional possibilities and a range of focal points. I am excited about my work and I hope you enjoy it too." Visit Chris's shop by clicking on the link in the title of this article and visit his blog , .

Thursday, August 23, 2007

French Landscapes

Patrick Morand has wonderful photography in his Etsy shop , Frenchlandscapes . He said he has been doing photography for about thirty years . A pro photogragher for fifteen years . The following is from my interview with him :

In my day job I work on hire for corporate shooting but my favorite subject (and what inspires me) is nature and mostly landscapes . I'm also graduated in computer science and so transition from film to digital was not too difficult . Today all my work is digital shooting , post processing and printing . In france I sell my fine art prints mostly in artshows.
I'm very happy and lucky to live in a small village in the middle of a very very wide forest. I love walking, exploring natural areas to find the best point of view and the best light . Post processing is also a very pleasant part of the job and permits to feature the beauty of nature . Patricks blog is and his french website is . You may view his Etsy shop , by clicking on the link in the title of this article .


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Margarets World

Margarets World is a new Etsy shop but she is not new to creating art . She has loads of talent and experience . I ask her to tell me about herself and her work . This is what I learned ," I construct sculpture from found pieces of wood (not like driftwood, but scraps from wood projects).
I've been a working artist for about 40 years. I draw inspiration from everywhere- something I see or hear.
I studied at the University of South Florida and Penland School of Crafts in Penland, N.C.
I was a raku ceramist for 30 years. One day, I thought I would try something new, so I began constructing things from wood. I'm really enjoying the challenges involved in that, and of late, have expanded to collage which I also find very rewarding artistically." Just click on the title of this article to see more of her fantastic creations .

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Coffee Break

Its 4:30 A.M. as I get out of bed and make a pot of coffee . I stir creamer into the hot brew and head for the back door to my early morning haven , the back porch . This is my alone time . As I sip my coffee , I enjoy the quiet and watch and listen as the world comes awake . Soon my husband will be up wanting breakfast and our great grandaughter , who is just two will need my attention , but this is now and it's mine . As I watch , I see the sky line over Pompey mountain beginning to glow and I wonder what the sunrise will be like this morning . I hear the birds beginning to chirp in the trees around me annd a quail calls in the field . In a few seconds , I hear the sound again from a nearby tree and smile as I realize its a mockingbirds' mimic , this time . I remember that my Dad told me that the quail calls '' Bob White, Bob White ? '' . Then the spectacular sunset starts to form and I am totally amazed at the blazing color God has painted in the sky for me this morning . It looks like flames as the reds and oranges and yellows move accross the sky and blend together ! Oh to be able to paint like that ! Slowly , the daylight makes the sunrise fade away . I thank God then for all my blessings and for giving me this beautiful morning and letting me have this new day . I finish my coffee enjoying the morning . My husband knocks on the window of the back door . He is holding our grandaughter up where she can see me . I go and kiss them both good morning , ready for whatever the day brings .

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Thistle Craft Designs is an Etsy shop full of bright beautiful light catching color . This is a portion of her interview : What is the first thing you can remember making by hand? How and why did you make it? The earliest vivid crafting memory I have is my Mom teaching us how to crochet – I was no older than 6 at the time. All I could manage at the time was a chain stitch, but I was really good at it! My Mom taught us a lot of crafts, for which I am eternally grateful!
Why do you create? Why not? It is simply a part of who I am. To not create is to deny a part of myself.
What inspires you? Where do your ideas come from? Everything & Everywhere! I love looking through magazines and catalogues (just ask my poor mailman!). Nature provides a lot of inspiration also. Oh, and flea markets, estate sales, thrift shops, and the like – I love going to them with my Mom and seeing what things could be, rather than what they used to be! Any tips on selling handmade stuff? Be patient and persistent, have faith in yourself and your products, and don’t undersell yourself just to make a sale. And stay in touch with your market – no matter how much you like making something, if your market doesn’t want it, it isn’t going to sell! But, this does not mean to go against your values/morals – you must remain true to yourself because if you don’t like what you’re making, no one else will either! [You may visit her shop by clicking on the title to this article .]

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

DSL Designs

If you love one of a kind original pieces of jewelry , then DSL Designs is the place to go . The following is her own words . How long have you been creating? ''My passion for beading began at 12 and I haven't been able to stop since. In 2002, beading lead me down other creative paths like scrapbooking and sewing. Since then, I have extensively explored the world of crafts and am now savvy in Wire Wrapping, Fused Glass, PMC clay, Polymer Clay, Peyote Stitch, Right Angle Weave, and Square Stitch. I never miss an opportunity to learn a new craft. I have always felt that you learn to appreciate others work by learning what it really takes to create it. ''
What inspires you?''What inspires me most is the ocean. Whenever I go to the ocean I am always inspired to go home and create. Unfortunately, I live far from the ocean, so I oftentimes I lack inspiration. During times like that I start reorganizing my supplies and find inspiration in them. .'' Just click on the title of this article to visit her shop .

Sunday, August 5, 2007

E.T.C. First Monday

Etsy Texas Crafters is a group of online shop owners from . If you are a Texan , you know about First Monday Trades Days , well members of Etsy Texas Crafters have their own First Monday . The first Monday of every month the fun begins at 12:01 A.M. with all participating members having sales and specials in their shops . Sales and specials run for twentyfour hours ! For a list of participating shops , click on the title of this article . I will have a special First Mondays section in my shop of specially marked down items and a free gift for every sale over $10 . Watch for the E.T.C. First Monday special avaters .

Friday, August 3, 2007

Crank Heart Pony

This Etsy shop has a little bit of everything . She says she is a stay at home mom who works part time as a teaching artist at an Art Center in Chicagoland . This is what she says about her work : I get inspired by lots of things, but for the most part, inspiration is internal and I usually have 'spur of the moment' creative jolts. Since I've been trained in several art forms, its hard to stay focused one one thing. Her since of humer is reflected in the name of her shop . A pony who needs a crank for a heart . With those hooves how is he going to crank it ? Visit her shop ,

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Just Bead It !

This is another fantastic artist on Etsy ! She told me that she has been making jewelry for about two years . Her talent far exceeds what you would expect for only two years ! I asked her where she got her inspiration . This is her words , '' I am inspired by beauty and balance and femininity. I love creating a variety of styles. I love how designs can create 'feelings' and emotions. Color combinations can be subtle or dramatic depending on what kind of statement you are trying to make and what kind of mood you are in. '' Check out her shop ,

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Naked Tile

Check out this great Etsy shop . Their work is both unique and original ! The artists are two sisters from greece and this is how one of them discribes their work and Etsy shop : Naked Tile is run by my sister Kelly, 25 yrs old, and myself, Natalie, 23 yrs old. We started creating jewelry 2 yrs ago, inspired by our mutual quest for original and unique jewelry. We have sold some of our items in small boutiques in Greece. Inspiration comes from nature, theater, street fashion, vintage toys, and anything that catches our eye, actually!
Our work consists of fun, quirky and unique jewelry, a combination of earrings, brooches, bracelets and necklaces. Our materials are pretty simple but our imagination is endless! You can see more of their work in their shop ,

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Wall Mural

This is a 4x8 foot mural that I painted for a neighbor . Although I like to paint large , I was a little apprehensive at first , but was soon able to relax and enjoy the work .


My name is Joyce and this is my blog about my artwork and other artists that I find on Etsy . I am a self taught artist . I have been drawing , painting or crafting forever it seems . I paint on leaves , canvas , paper , and metal . I have a shop on Etsy , . I will show you some of my work from the past and some that is available in my shop .