Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Precious Quilts

I fell in love with the beautiful quilts and crochet in this shop and I know you will to ! The following is by the artist herself . Please read this and visit her shop , Precious Quilts by clicking on the title of this article or by going to . ''I live in UK with my husband, my four 'babies' have flown the nest and we have a beautiful grand daughter now aged 17 months!About 25 years ago whilst living in the Middle East where I was busy with two small children and therefore unable to go work I became interested/fascinated with patchwork quilts. After teaching myself from a variety of sources I made large queen/king size quilts for family and friends. Initially, I was of the opinion that all quilts should be hand sewn.... well, that has now changed as it really takes too long. I still do the odd one but prefer to concentrate of baby quilts now and use my machine to put them together.My favourite fabric is Laura Ashley, particularly the vintage fabric which is hard to acquire these days but looks and feels so special. Noteably in patchwork quilts for babies or cots. I am happy to make all size quilts from large to very small. In fact I have a doll's house quilt on Etsy at the moment!In addition, whilst relaxing in the evenings watching TV, what better way to spend my time but crochet baby blankets? It is not often I do not have a crochet hook in my hand. I find it very relaxing and theraputic!Christmas is coming so I am feverishly making quilts and crochet blankets for those cute pressies or just for baby showers. All my items are unique - and all the way from England!''

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art4friends said...

gorgeous quilt!
i love floral fabrics
quilts remind me of my nan aas she has made me one!!