Saturday, September 22, 2007


Autumn is on its way and soon it will be winter ! My favorite time of the year is spring . I am defintely not a cold weather person and find myself longing for the warmth of spring . In the winter everything here looks so cold and barren and I will long for the fresh , new greens of the leaves and grass , the first of the wildflowers to brighten up the world . The bluebonnets and paintbrushes are my favorites . Even before they start to bloom , I start thinking about painting scenes with fields of blue and fuchia . I miss them when they are gone and the heat of summer is upon us . But I don't morn them ,but become inspred by fields of yellow , blackeyed susans , and other flowers some of which I am not famililiar with the names , and grew up calling daisies .They look so bright along with the red of the indian blankets and the purple of what we all called horsemint [I believe it is really horehound] . They remind me of a patchwork quilt that Grandma made with yellows and reds and a little white to soften the effect . Now with Autumn aproaching , I am already painting leaves of red sienna , yellow ochre and oranges. The sunflowers are blooming and just a few leaves are beginning to turn but I have my memory , imagination and a few snapshots taken over the years to go by . I find my self anticipating the beauty that is coming . In Central Texas fall , is short lived and before we know it the cold of winter will be upon us . Even then I will be in awe of frost upon the grasses and the clean white beauty if we get a snow this winter will inspire a few snow scenes . Come January , I will once again be looking forward to spring , thinking of planting vegetables and flowers and painting beautiful pictures of wildflowers !

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Patrick said...

Hello Joyce,

You're nicely inspirated by th autumn. Your painting is beautiful.