Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bottles Up Designs

Laura Bergman has a very unique way of crafting her jewelry and helping her inviornment at the same time . Laura talks about her craft '': Living in the very rural Pennsylvania Amish Country , scattered throughout the woods and edges of the fields are where, many years ago, households would throw their garbage . (They didn't have trash pickup 100 years ago) . Mostly , of course , this "garbage" was old broken glassware , and bottles where the contents were used up . Now, this is a treasure chest for bottle and glass collectors . I have been collecting bottles for over 20 years, and it always bothered me how we would take away the pretty whole bottles , but the broken remains would stay behind in the environment for the wildlife to have to deal with . After having one of my dogs return from a walk with a bleeding foot , I decided to start picking up these broken remains and started working with them . What emerged is Bottled Up Designs ! I really did not want to put these pieces into the modern trash stream, because as a collector , I knew what they once were and I felt they are historial and beautiful .
I am now making jewelry and gifts from the antique glass and bottles reclaimed from these dumps , all in an effort to help the environment and wildlife . As an avid collector , I mount each piece on a card that details what the glass was originally , and how old it is . I feel the people enjoy the history behind them as well as how lovely this antique glass is ! " Please take a look inside her shop and look at her beautiful and unique jewelry ! [You may see Laura's shop by clicking on the link in the title of this article . ]

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