Monday, August 27, 2007

RCN Paintings

Chris N Rohrbach is a stay at home dad with two little girls , ages one and three , Siena and Sage . He says he doesn't have much time to promote and I know from experience , having been a mother and a grandmother that has to be true . His shop is RCN PAINTINGS , which is also the monogram that he uses to sign his paintings . He says it is a play on the words '' are seeing paintings '' and is also the letters in his initials . Wonderfully unique and as are his paintings ! I ask him to talk about his work and the following is what he told me ," I have been drawing and painting for many years but recently I've been focusing on landscape and cityscape paintings and figure drawings as more of an exercise to keep my eye in shape and hand coordinated. I studied several years at a one man studio and also at The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art focusing on traditional drawing and painting information. I find inspiration in my surroundings, the relationships of proportions objects have with each other and the impact of different color combinations. My current artists statement is - Creating paintings that establish harmonious arrangements of tonal values, colors, shapes, textures, and repetitious directions based on my subject matter is my goal as an artist. I enthusiastically participate in a traditional practice of painting that emphasizes proportional relationships, informed decision- making, and a generative process that examines the relationships of parts of the composition to the whole. The ever-changing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania landscape and cityscape, where I live and work, is the basis of my current paintings. It provides vast compositional possibilities and a range of focal points. I am excited about my work and I hope you enjoy it too." Visit Chris's shop by clicking on the link in the title of this article and visit his blog , .


Chris Rohrbach said...

Thanks for including my work, Joyce. I hope you and your blog readers enjoy it.

Ample Goddess Jewelry said...

Oh, I really like that painting.

GwynnsGifts said...

This painting has incredible colors. Just beautiful