Friday, July 24, 2009

More About Me

Hello ! I live in a small town in Texas . Besides being a mother and a grandmother [best job in the world] , and an artist , I work at a public school with special needs children . I had quit teaching , but went back ten years later . My husband is a farmer . I help him with the gardening and marketing during the summer . Took me two hours to pick those tomatoes this morning ! We grow tomatoes , cantaloupe , squash , cucumbers , and peppers . In our spare time , we like to go to fleamarkets , garage sales and auctions to find ''treasures'' to use or resale . Some of my treasures can be found in my Webidz store . My artwork is in my Etsy shop . Since going back to work at school , its been hard to find time for painting and treasure hunting , but I think I may be finally getting it all rolling again . Hope you will check both shops out and then back again real soon , I have more listings on the way .

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