Saturday, July 25, 2009

Koala Bear Creations

I found this great shop on Etsy and asked Emily to tell me about it . This is her story :''I am a nineteen year old college student studying theatre at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. My shop, KoalaBearCreations, includes work by both me and my boyfriend, Dylan, who is a professional actor. We make jewelry and clothing that can be described as indie, hippie, bohemian, artsy and unique. Etsy is a great way for us put our creative talents to use outside of the theatre and explore some new artistic mediums.
Although they're very beautiful, I don't like to work with expensive materials like gemstones and precious metals. Instead I prefer to take everyday items such as antique keys, sea shells and old t-shirts and make them into something beautiful and wearable. Most of the materials come from thrift stores, junk shops and friends' attics and are recycled into something unique, lovely and affordable.
Our pieces make great gifts for friends or for those times that you just need to treat yourself. Most of our items are between $10 and $20 dollars though some are on sale for even less. Buying handmade, recycled products is great for you and for the environment! ''
Check out their one of a kind jewelry and clothing at


Anonymous said...

Love creating from found objects. Nice Post.

nomadcraftsetc said...

What a motivated young lady! Congrats!

Mommy Bear said...

Super cute shop and I love that all the jewelry is made from found objects!