Friday, August 28, 2009

Mookie Jones

The following is a very unique shop on Etsy , written by the artist : Mookiejones is my shop name on etsy. I am mookiejonesart on twitter. My real name is Cookie. I live in a suburb or Los Angeles with my husband and 4 dogs, one of whom is 18 years old. I have been creating art ever since I first drew pictures of girls in a library book when I was 5. luckily the drawings were in pencil and I was not punished but I was directed to drawing on paper and I was supplied with pads, pencils, watercolors, and brushes. I paint on any surface that is paintable. I have done hand-painted furniture, faux finishing, trompe l'oeil, wall murals, etc. on etsy I have listed some paintings on canvas, paper, and recycled wood, some painted on prints, reproductions, and of course, unique hand-painted pots and other home decor pieces. I love splitting my time between fine art and functional art pieces. I have had a few pet portrait commissions since I have posted my work on the net.My typical technique for painting is to layer many colors and color washes, sometimes sanding through to reveal a previous color in parts. I often incorporate my trompe l'oeil (fool the eye) techniques in my fine art as well as some of my pots. I am self taught and have taught classes for both children and adults.I have listed a few photographs, also. I could have used these for reference for paintings but I didn't think you could improve on nature. what I paint usually comes from my imagination. it is not often I paint from setting objects up in front of me.I have had a few pet portrait commissions since I have posted my work on the net.My inspiration comes from every other painter's work I have seen in galleries, museums, and even street fairs. I am the one you see in a museum standing as close to a painting as I can. what I think is most important in art is really seeing-- seeing the variations in lights and darks, the way things move, the way things rest. It takes patience and concentration to 'see'. It opens up your world to be able to see this way.I feel incredibly blessed to be able to share my art and to have found my passion.


Heather Buchanan said...

I love MookieJones' wolf! Great article!

Soyun Park said...

I feel her passion. Love her work~

RedRedCompletelyRed said...

That wolf is gorgeous... not too scary, just nice and fluffy! What an interesting artist.