Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Candara Design

Meet Georgia Fowler , her shop is called 'Candara Design'. She is a very unique artist . The two photos here are by Georgia . I ask her how she got the name of her shop and to tell us about herself ;''Candara comes from a mixture of my daughters names - Candace and Lara. They have always been my inspiration and always will be.

I love photography. I have been lucky enough to visit some beautiful places in the world and this medium enables me to share it with everyone else. Some of my favorite subjects are the bright colours of nature, historic old buildings and my most loved place of all, the beach. Whether it is the white hot sands of Florida or the windblown shores of Wales, I love to photograph the beach. There is something so calming about the pounding of the waves, the rolling surf and the changing skies above it. I also love to collect sea glass in between taking pictures and have built up a lovely collection!
I have been a photographer for as long as I can remember. Annoying family on vacation with my shutter clicks from when I was a child! I started to take it seriously a few years ago when I traveled around the world and saw so many gorgeous scenes I wanted to share. It has just evolved from there really.

I am fortunate enough to live in the fantastic old city of Chester in England. The city dates from Roman times so there is plenty of history to see around me. I am also not far from the awesome countryside of Wales with it's rivers and mountains.

We have always been a home schooling family and now that my girls are 15 and 17 I have more time to devote to my two etsy shops. I try to look for new photographic subjects at least once a week and then gradually upload them to etsy or process them for my walls. I also sell in a shop in Chester in a very cool part of town, called Rufus Court. I have my photography on the walls for sale and also my vintage style clothing in the shop. Life is extremely busy at the moment! '' To see more of Georgias work just click on the link in the title of this article .

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RhiannonSTR said...

I love photography myself. Very nice article - I want to visit all those places.